Ten Immoral Deeds that Cause the Destruction of Wisdom
09/11/2013 07:12 (GMT+7)

1. Chunda, some harsh beings in this world with bloody hands engage in merciless destruction and harmful acts, taking life.

2. With a tendency to dishonesty and theft they take what is not theirs or not given to them, whether it be in the village or in the jungle.

3. They engage in sexual misconduct. They who engage in sexual misconduct with a woman protected by her mother (mathu rakkhitha), father (pithu rakkhitha), or by both (mathu pithu rakkhitha), by her brother (bhathu rakkhitha), by her sister (bhagini rakkhitha), by morality (dhamma rakkhitha), by relatives (fiayati rakkhitha), by her spouse (sassamika), or a woman subjected to the serving of punishment (saparidanda), or a woman betrothed (malagula parikkhita), destroy their wisdom as a result of their impure deeds.
4. Chunda, how is one made impure by words? They who enter an assembly of people, gathering of relatives, council of nobleman and are called forth to give truthful evidence but tell lies by claiming to know what they do not know, and denying the knowledge of what they know, claiming to have seen what they did not, claiming not to have seen what they did see. Thus lying for their own sake, for the sake of another, or for the sake of material gains, makes themselves impure by words.

5. They who create disharmony and antagonism between people commit the sin of carrying tales. They thus create dissension among those amiable to one another, and encourage those creating antagonism among others, and also take great pleasure in destroying relationships, and speak evil words to gain their own ends, are made impure by words.

6. They who use harsh words, words that are rough, nasty and hurtful to others, that are aggressive and are uttered with hatred, far from peace, are made impure by words.

7. They who engage in frivolous talk, talk that is often nonsensical and inappropriate and full of fantasy, useless and immoral, whose words lack discipline and are often uttered irresponsibly bringing about undesirable consequences, are made impure by words.

8. Chundai how is one made impure by thoughts? They who are bound by immense craving, who yearn for material possessions that bring pleasure to others saying ‘O let that pleasure be mine’, are made impure by thoughts.

9. They who, with hearts filled with hatred, curse thus: ‘May they be destroyed. May they be eradicated entirely and completely,’ so wishing the total annihilation of others, they are made impure by thoughts.

10. They who do not believe in positive results of offering and any form of self-sacrifice, or merit or sin in this world or in the world beyond; who do not believe in mother or father and in the existence of spontaneous beings; they who do not believe in those who have seen the right path and follow it, realizing with certainty in this world and the world beyond and thus explicating the truth to others, are made impure by thoughts.

Source : Beauty of the white lotus – Gangodawila Soma Thero

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